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Shampoings solides et soins, sans produits controversés

Zofé cosmetics has created a full range of mare's milk shampoos.
Say goodbye to itchy scalp!
These products are manufactured in our production workshop, located in Normandy, next to Mont St Michel.


A solid shampoo is a real ecological asset in the fight against waste: it is not stored in any container. At Zofé the paper and the label used for its packaging are compostable

A solid shampoo is light and easy to carry. He can accompany you on all your trips. No more shampoo bottle taking up space and leaking in your vanity.

Its solid form provides a concentrate of natural active ingredients. At Zofé, we have taken care to create shampoos adapted to the needs of different scalps, respecting this one, because each scalp has specific needs.

how to choose it?

We have created 3 different shampoos, which allows us to meet the various concerns of various scalps. Our mare's milk shampoos contain 20% milk to soften and rebalance 

thesolid shampoo for oily hair, and scalps that tend to get greasy quickly. This shampoo rebalances the scalp and controls sebum production. IT is composed of green clay and essential oil of Tea Tree and Lavandin Grosso to cleanse the scalp.

thesolid shampoo for itching and dandruff. This shampoo is made on a base of white clay and essential oils that will provide real comfort for the most irritated scalps.

theNature solid shampoo. This solid shampoo does not contain essential oils. It is formulated as short as possible and is particularly gentle. It will suit the whole family

How to use a SOLID SHAMPOO?

To use your natural solid shampoo, simply pass it under water, then lather it between your hands. You can thus apply the foam then emulsify on your scalp, rinse

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