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Le lait de nos juments et les bienfaits des plantes pour une cosmétique 100% naturelle

De la plante à la peau

                                                      Fabrication artisanale dans la baie du Mont Saint Michel.

Struck by a serious skin problem, we decided to make known
the incredible virtues of mare's milk. 
Horse milk is the natural solution to skin problems.
At Zofé, cosmetic creation and equestrian show mingle to the delight of young and old alike.
An atypical farm located in Normandy a few kilometers from Mont Saint Michel

Why our products?

Mare's milk is a natural cell regenerator, it is the milk closest to human breast milk. Thus, it will give your skin all the nutrients it lacks and rebalance all skin types (imperfections, itching of all kinds

We have  heavily dosed our milk products (up to 40% milk for some products) and we have added essential oils or plants to increase the effectiveness of the milk and have formulas targeted, in response to itching, aux  imperfections, and all the skin concerns we may have. Our Nature range will also be perfect for delicate skin, a veil of softness for babies and young mothers.




Our values

Horse milk is known to help with eczema, psoriasis, acne, allergies, itchy skin and various irritations.


We have added other ingredients to our products to create specific formulas that help fight all skin problems.

  • Cosmetics heavily dosed with mare's milk (between 20 and 40% milk)

  • A combination of natural products, including essential oils, so as to enhance the benefits of mare's milk (intense moisturizer,  natural cell regenerator, antiseptic, known to fight against imperfections, itching and problems of skin).  To bringan answer for all skin types

  • Of the simple formulas of artisanal cosmetics,without preservatives, without multiplying the number of ingredients

  • 0% PARABEN, 0% PHTALATES, 0% SULFATES, 0% PARABEN, 0% ALCOHOL, 0% PALM OIL, and not tested on animals

  • We are part of the network WELCOME TO THE FARM et we welcome French or foreign groups with pleasure, for complete visits

  • An ethical activity with respect for animals with the possibility of visit the farm during trading periods.

Béatrice and Nicolas, Zofé Cosmetics

Our history

Before, I was not very concerned about the quality of the products I put on my skin, until I declared a melanoma.

I then try to understand why this pathology and I discover through my research that industrial cosmetic products are full of chemicals and toxic to the skin..


I discoverthe benefits of horse milkand am amazed byits effectiveness and its properties.

In fact, I find his help skins that haveeczema, psoriasis, itching of all kinds, and even acne.

My daughter is my first guinea pig.


Breeding Zofe was born. We are in June 2018 and allthe family gives up shower gels and industrial products.Faced with the magnitude of the work, Nicolas joined me in the activity, allowing the breeding Zofe to develop and organize itself, whether on the farm or in the laboratory.


As family needs arise, we develop a complete range of mare's milk cosmetics: soaps, then balms, solid shampoo, deodorant, face creams.


Skin-friendly cosmetics

and which help problem skin. 
A big thank you to all the people who support us and to all our customers without whom this wonderful adventure could not be.

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