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The laboratory

The milk is processed on site, in our on-farm laboratory

The Zofé cosmetics laboratory, natural mare's milk cosmetics for all types of skin problems in Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët in France and online

All our cosmetics are made from mare's milk and on site, on the farm, in our processing laboratory.

A 40m2 space dedicated to cosmetics. Our products contain between 20 and 40% mare's milk to find all the benefits of mare's milk.

Our cosmetic laboratory meets  European standards for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and BPH (Good Hygiene Practices).

It is here that we transform the precious mare's milk into balms or soaps.
Mare's milk is fragile and quickly loses its properties. As soon as it is milked, it must be worked on.

Vegetable oils (castor, argan, olive...) mix with essential oils and clays for a real olfactory experience. Being a soap maker or cosmetics manufacturer is a new adventure with each production. 
Self-taught, we have developed our own cosmetic formulas.

The formulas that have given us the most difficulty are oursolid shampooand our deodorant.
Not easy to find the right formula that does not dry out the hair, or theeffective deodorantthat we all dream of...
below our production in pictures


We imagineda complete range of balms to applyonbody and/or face, formulas targeted according to skin type.
These creamswill provide hydration and take care of all skin types.


The eternal balm, the balm for young skin, the balm for atopic skin, the natural balm which is without essential oils.

Of thenatural cosmeticswhoseyour skin will no longer be able to do without


All oursoaps are handcraftedaccording to the method ofcold saponification.


This method is the only one that allowssafeguard the natural properties of the ingredients.


A whole range of soaps are available at the Zofé farm: aNATURAL soapwith 20% milk, aNATURE soap with 40% milk,a soapECLAT (great for redness), a soapYOUTHFUL SKIN, a soapATOPIC SKIN, a soapETERNAL, a soapLAVENDER

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