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Zofé cosmetics, natural cosmetics with mare's milk offers you a complete range of natural soaps 

- made in Normandy

- mention slow cosmetics

-manufactured by cold saponification

- suitable for body and face

- without dyes, synthetic products, preservatives or controversial products

Our soaps are handcrafted, following thetraditional method of cold saponification.


Saponificationis the process of transforming an oil (fatty substance) with soda, carried out at low temperature.

The cold saponification methodis the only one that retains the active ingredients that give the soapits moisturizing properties.

Soaps, resulting from cold saponification, cleanse the skin but above all moisturize it.

A handmade soapmanufactured in this way will therefore be more suitable foryour skin needs, much more than industrial soaps denatured by their mode of production and their more chemical composition. 

Zofe Cosmeticscreated all itsformulas of soaps and cosmetics in his laboratory.

Gentle soaps for the body and face. They are made in small batches so as to retain their artisanal character.

We are committed to formulatingeffective soaps for all skin concernsthat we can meet,oily skin, dry skin, skin with imperfections.

For this we use several levers: 

-mare's milk that will balance all skin types. Ourcosmetic productsarehighly concentrated in mare's milkbecause we put between 20 and 40% milk in all our products

-naturopathy, throughessential oils, notably.We choose our oilsessential depending on the properties soughtfor every skin type 

-vegetable butters, so you can find inour soaps contain coconut butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, and castor oil.

Atopic skin soapis particularly suitableskin problems, such as eczema, psoriasis

Young skin soapis particularly intended foracne-prone oily skin.

The Eternal soapwants to be anatural cell regenerator, with itsanti-aging properties.

Eclat soapis much appreciatedfor rosacea.

A range of natural cosmetics made up of 7 cold saponified soaps, made with ethical and natural ingredients, without controversial products.

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