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The range for horses

Zofé natural cosmetics is also a complete range of cosmetics for animals.
We started from the observation that mare's milk is effective on humans, because it is the closest milk to mother's milk.
So what better than mare's milk to take care of our horses?
Why wouldn't they also benefit from the best of cosmetics?
We have therefore created for them soap, insect repellent, mane detangler, anti-itch balm...

Our ATOPIC SKIN soap and balm are composed of mare's milk and a synergy of essential oils:
Ylan Ylang essential oil plays an anti-inflammatory role
Patchouli essential oil is anti-inflammatory and skin regenerating
Lavandin Grosso essential oil is naturally antiseptic and anti-stress

Our products for atopic skin are made in our laboratory directly on the farm, with only natural products.

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