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Our natural deodorant, a best seller!

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- 100g cream deodorant with essential oils

- 4 to 6 months of use 

- coconut butter base

- mention slow cosmetics 

- regulates perspiration

- biodegradable

- made in Normandy

- duration of use 4 to 6 months

-short composition 

- without controversial products: without alcohol, without aluminum salt, without palm oil

- natural cosmetics

- compliant with European laws, not tested on animals

- packaging recyclable for life

- handmade

- eco-friendly

- zero waste goal

- handmade

a refreshing scent

We have selected natural ingredients, making our deodorant very effective and gentle on your skin 

themare's milk, makes it very soft and moisturizes your skin 

L'Geranium Bourbon essential oil   Derived from the flower of Pelargonium graveolens roseum, or florists' geranium, it balances the secretion of sweat and therefore perspiration.

L'Peppermint essential oil   This essential oil brings an immediate refreshing note

L'Tea tree essential oil , naturally antiseptic. Tea Tree essential oil will prevent the proliferation of bacteria responsible for bad odors

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