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 Imperfections and oily skin

Our products are specially formulated with ingredients that limit
bacterial proliferation and help regulate blemishes and pimples

We have created a range specifically adapted to oily skin.

So you will always find mare 's milk, which is reputed to rebalance all skin types,
but we addedgreen clay, which helps oily skin.

As well as essential oils: the lavandin grosso and the tea tree who is very antiseptic and cleanses the acne area... 

Young skin balm was formulated with nigella oil, recognized for soothe acne and act on the scars of acne pimples.

STEP 1: clean up!

with our YOUNG SKIN soap. It will unclog pores and dislodge all bacteria, every morning and/or evening

STEP 2: we make a mask 

always with our PEAU JEUNE soap. Apply pure soap as a mask on the face and leave on for 15 minutes. We feel the skin "working", and if we do it every day it's even better

STEP 3: we calm down!

apply the PEAU JEUNE balm in the evening at bedtime. The balm is composed of 30% mare's milk, Nigella oil and very antiseptic essential oils. 

It will reduce inflation, and calm the pimples about to arrive. It keeps the skin hydrated. The goal is to rebalance the skin and not to dry it out.

Our customers talk about it better than us:

Zulu Manon
"I should have given you a before/after on the young skin balm it did my face so good, it's impressive"

"Hello, I really want to give you some feedback on the use of your products, I've been using the 40% natural soap and the teenage balm for a little over 15 days now, it's MAGIC, I find a soft skin. I am really very satisfied, I have struggled with this skin for more than 20 years"

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